Services – Covid Latest

After having only online services since March we resumed holding services in the church from Sunday 30th August.

We understand that not everyone will be keen to come back to worshipping in the building right away so we aim to continue to provide our online content for as long as the current conditions prevail.

Services in the church are quite different to what we were used to before the pandemic:

  • It is necessary to book before attending (this will enable us to limit numbers, lay the chairs out in family etc. blocks, and to take contact numbers to be used if we need to track contacts if a worshipper contracts Covid-19).
  • Singing is not be allowed at present.
  • Face coverings are mandatory.
  • Family groups need to stay together, this means children need to stay with their parents throughout and cannot go and play with other children.
  • There will be no Sunday School and services will be shorter than usual as the children will remain in the service throughout.
  • There will be no “fellowship time” for tea and coffee at the end of services.
  • Social distancing at 2m is recommended and the seating is laid out accordingly.
  • The toilet may be used but it is recommended that people go at home before coming our to limit the use of shared facilities.
  • People over seventy or with underlying health conditions should carefully consider whether or not it would be wise for them to attend (although it will ultimately be their choice).

Obviously this is far from ideal, but we are keen to begin worshiping together and we will try and tackle the various difficulties raised as creatively as possible. For example, if we can’t sing there may be more actions songs. We don’t want to come just to listen to a sermon, that is something we can do just as well online, so we may add other elements to our services – maybe testimony for example. We are still thinking this through and will look to learn lessons from these early services to improve future ones.