Our Vision

Without Vision, People Perish

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Our vision is all about how we respond to the good news of what God has done for us through Jesus.

God has made us and has shown his love to us by rescuing us from the consequences of our sins so we believe we should love and worship him back.

Our vision is to be a worshipping community. Because we are Jesus’ followers (disciples) we want to be more like him. Our vision is to be a Christ-like community.

Now that we have been reconciled to God we believe that the church should be the place where we model healed relationships between people (in the Bible “church” always refers to the people of God not to buildings). Our vision is to be a loving community.

What God has done for us through Jesus is good news. We want everyone to know this. Our vision is to spread the good news with the wider community.

One day God’s kingdom will come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Until then we believe we should pray and work for the values of his kingdom in our nation and our world.

Our vision is to serve our wider community to bring the blessings of God’s kingdom to all people.